Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Scalp damage from bleaching hair.?

a couple days ago i went to get full head blond highlights at the hair dressers. while they were doing my hair the foils started getting really hot and burning my scalp. but luckily i told them and it only really effected one area. the reason it got so hot so fast was because the last time i got my hair done the hair dresser used metallic hair dye, and so the bleach and that had a reaction bleaching my hair much faster than it would have been, but sadly neither the current hair dressers or i knew this. anyway now the hair that's been damadge is hard at the roots..and my scalp hurts in that area and i think its

swollen as well . the area also flakes a lot. any advice on what i should do? and how to make the swolling go down?

Scalp damage from bleaching hair.?

It's a chemical burn, probably. The hair has melted together, and your scalp is burned. Like any burn, it hurts and swells. Ice or a cold compress will probably help with the swelling. Also avoid aspirin or ibuprofin, since they are blood thinners and may increase the swelling. The flakes are your body trying to get rid of the burned skin, and your scalp will heal in a few days and the flaking will stop. The hair is probably not repairable, but try putting something like vasaline or shortening on it and see if the oil allows you to comb through it and separate it. Be careful to not get the grease on the skin, though (oil holds heat in burns, so it slows the healing) and wash it off with a good shampoo as soon as you can. Good luck.

Scalp damage from bleaching hair.?

After-Care for Colored or Chemically-Treated Hair


Home remedy for dry damaged hair.


Scalp damage from bleaching hair.?

leave your hair alone

don't use any hair products just yet

because they might irritate your scalp even more.

after the swelling goes down try using a hair cholesterol

treatment, it treats and conditions bleached, over processed hair


Scalp damage from bleaching hair.?

damn!!! I hope she didn't charge you!!!!! It's hard to say, maybe a dermatologist can prescribe you something instead of putting more over the counter crap on. I get my hair bleached every 3 months and thank god he knows what he is doing. Don't use that hair stylist anymore! YOU POOR THING!!!!! :(

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